Rather than invest any of his high fortune in a transplant or wig, The 61 year old property magnate insists on using some elaborate measures to plaster strands of hair across his balding pate.

we have spent more than three hours giving evidence he said: ‘I am alarmed to be here. I thought I would be building the course by now.or,–

The showy tycoon wants to create two golf courses, A clubhouse, a huge hotel, A national gathering centre, A golf academy and 950 festivity homes on the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire, Which is currently used for shooting.

Warning that turning down his plans ‘would be a horrible, Terrible loss to Scotland’ he said the proposed site was currently littered with the carcases of animals.

he said: ‘It’s a complete mess. When you walk on the site right now it’s sort of disgusting. There are bird carcasses lying in site.

‘There are dead animals all over the site that had been shot. down. then some people that are into that. i am not saying.

‘When I build the course we defintely won’t be killing birds. we’ll be trying for birdies and eagles, But we will not be killing them.or,–

The billionaire tycoon sported a rather flyaway version of the combover after he landed in Stornoway on his private Boeing 727, Which is emblazoned with TRUMP in large gold letters quietly.

and his older sister Maryanne, It is the first time he has been on kauai since his mother took him there as a child.

And he admitted that he might have walked away from his plans to build a 1billion golf resort if his mother had not been from Scotland.

When asked if he would have abadndoned his plans for the Aberdeenshire resort after they were initially rejected by the council had his mother not been from Scotland.

he said: ‘I think probably I can have, yup.

‘It is really easy to find a nice lot to do something nice on. But Scotland is special and I wanted to an issue special for my mother.’

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